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    7 Shopify email marketing tactics for ecommerce

    Get out of the spam folder: be mobile-friendly, provide true value, and segment your email lists to drive better ROI.

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    Necklow: how to test and deploy effective ad campaigns

    After failing to build a cohesive ad strategy, Necklow rebounded with rapid creative cycles and immediate growth.

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    How Shopify brands can profitably scale paid marketing

    The Yogaste team has tested dozens of Shopify stores — this is how they've effectively optimized their paid marketing.

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    How a life-changing sale fueled a founder's dream

    After Necklow's rapid growth, its founder dreamed of launching more Shopify stores — but first he needed an exit.

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    Top 5 DTC apps for Shopify merchants in 2022

    Learn more about OpenStore's internal growth playbook and go-to tools that every Shopify store owner should be using.

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    Jack Archer: charting a path forward with OpenStore

    Miguel's company needed cash to keep scaling, but he had one roadblock: no one wanted to invest in a 2-month-old brand.

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    How Wearva turned a side project into a profitable exit

    An apparel brand run by a self-taught marketer & founder sold to OpenStore — in order to scale it to the next level.

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    Yogaste: how to effectively build and sell Shopify brands

    Yogaste, a DTC yoga apparel brand, sold in less than 2 years to OpenStore through a streamlined acquisition process.

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    FAQ: How am I taxed when selling my Shopify business?

    The way you arrange your sales transaction will significantly impact the final sale price and your earnings.

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    How to sell your Shopify store

    Selling a business is often complicated and lengthy, but it doesn’t have to be.

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    How to sell your business quickly & for free: online

    If you’re a small business founder who has decided it’s time to move on, you may find it's a lengthy process to sell.