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A New Look for OpenStore

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Avery Kim

Sep 1, 2023

openstore rebrand

Since we launched OpenStore two years ago, our commitment to reimaging e-commerce for Shopify entrepreneurs and shoppers has only strengthened.

We’ve made running and selling a Shopify business easier than ever, and in doing so, paid millions of dollars to entrepreneurs all over the country, freeing them up to take a break, spend time with family, or start something new. Nearly two million shoppers have discovered and purchased unique products in our portfolio, which spans apparel, beauty, home and decor, electronics, and more. As we welcome more products into our portfolio, we get closer to our vision of bringing serendipitous discovery to online shopping.

Earlier this year, we began to refresh our visual identity to reflect the diverse offerings for merchants and our expanded portfolio of brands. Our ‘OpenStore’ wordmark, resembling the ‘Open’ sign we all recognize from store windows, felt too literal and not reflective of the innovation OpenStore is bringing to online commerce. It also wasn’t a true logo or symbol, and it didn’t fit smaller spaces like social media avatars. More importantly, the mark didn’t lend itself to celebrating the entrepreneurs and the joy of product discovery.

As we began our own discovery process for a new visual identity, we rooted our search with two key goals in mind. First, our visual identity should equally celebrate e-commerce entrepreneurs and spotlight the unique products and brands that millions of people love. Second, our visual identity and symbol must be unique to us, but flexible enough to live alongside existing brands in our growing portfolio.

The intersecting circles in our logo represent how OpenStore connects entrepreneurs and shoppers, with the space in the middle reflecting the delight of product discovery that we’re bringing to online shopping. The square shape between the circles nods to the idea of “window shopping” and the boxes we open that present our new products to us for the first time.

Joining our logo is a new color palette, chosen to evoke a sense of warmth, vibrancy, and modernity. While the palette is grounded in two primary colors, mint and evergreen, we selected a mix of complementary hues to elevate the diverse brands and products in our portfolio. 

With our new look rolling out now, we’re thrilled to continue building a better e-commerce experience for everyone. 

Want to join us? We’re hiring across design, marketing, and engineering.

Avery Kim

Brand Design

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