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OpenStore Welcomes Gigi Melrose to its Leadership Team

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OpenStore Staff

Feb 2, 2024


We’re thrilled to welcome Gigi Melrose to our Leadership Team, as General Manager and Head of Growth. Gigi will introduce OpenStore to e-commerce entrepreneurs all over the country, providing them with the easiest way to sell their business and start something new.

Before OpenStore, founders of e-commerce businesses didn’t have many options to sell the businesses they worked so hard to build. Considered too small by private equity or not explosive enough for venture capital, they turned to marketplaces or brokers to find the right buyer, a process that can be both stressful and expensive. Negotiations and diligence can take six months or longer, and broker and legal fees eat into profits. In some cases, entrepreneurs decided to wind down the business that they poured their heart and energy into.

OpenStore changed this. We’ve streamlined the valuation process using technology so entrepreneurs can easily and quickly receive an offer for their Shopify business, for free. Over the last two years, OpenStore’s grown its portfolio to nearly 50 brands with 100,000+ products across apparel, beauty, home goods, and electronics. Soon, we’ll launch our shopping app, designed to discover our products in a new way.

Gigi will continue to expand our portfolio of popular Shopify brands, leading our Growth Marketing, Business Development, and Partnerships teams. 

Gigi dedicated her career to helping small and medium sized businesses thrive. She spent 13 years at Meta, joining pre-IPO when it was still called Facebook, where she helped thousands of businesses maximize their growth across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In her most recent role at Meta, she served as Vice President of Small Business Growth where she was responsible for Meta’s Small Business sales and marketing efforts. 

“I’m thrilled to join OpenStore in Miami’s growing tech hub, where innovation meets exceptional talent. It is a privilege to work with Keith and an exceptional leadership team to reimagine the future of e-commerce for entrepreneurs and shoppers. Our focus on empowering small and medium-sized businesses not only unlocks entrepreneurial potential, but also offers a pathway to financial freedom and time autonomy - a journey I am passionate about spearheading.” – Gigi Melrose, GM and Head of Growth at OpenStore

Join Gigi as we unlock new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Check out our open roles here across marketing, design, engineering, and supply chain.

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