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"Taking a multi-million dollar cash offer from OpenStore allowed [Land] to move on to unlock her next endeavor."


"OpenStore has the logistics network and top-tier engineering team needed to take those businesses to the next level."


"If you're a smaller, e-commerce shop owner looking to sell your business, now looks to be a pretty darn good time to do so."

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We streamlined the process so you can sell your store with minimal effort.


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Know exactly how much cash you are getting for your store and inventory


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Hand off your store to our Marketing and Operations teams within weeks

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6+ months of operations

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Questions about selling your store?

The best way to find out is to try out OpenStore's pricing process! It only takes a few minutes, and there's no obligation if you receive an offer. If your Shopify store makes the majority of its sales from its e-commerce website, it may be a fit for OpenStore. Even if your store is not a fit for OpenStore today, our acquisition criteria evolves as we continually expand our engine's capabilities, so please stay in touch.

You can get an offer as soon as tomorrow. You'll choose how quickly you want to close and when you want to receive your first payment of 80%. You'll receive the remaining 20% after transitioning your store to OpenStore.

OpenStore's offer engine uses the information you provide to pull the insights it needs. It incorporates many metrics such as customer acquisition growth, average order value, and customer repeat rate to build the offer. This allows us to present rigorous offers with more precision than a simple revenue or cash flow multiple.

If the social media accounts drive sales visible through Shopify, we'll absolutely include those factors in our valuation.

OpenStore's offer engine uses the information you provide to analyze your store's past performance, build forecasts, and generate an offer. Data is for pricing purposes only. We don't share or sell your data.

OpenStore does not sell your data; however, we understand that your data is important to you and are happy to sign an NDA if you'd like. Please start your offer and reach out via live chat to the OpenStore team for an NDA any time during the process.

In most cases, we acquire inventory at-cost, informed by the results of our demand forecast tools.

One of our key value propositions is that we allow founders and their teams to move on to their next endeavors quickly. As such, we do not typically offer continuing employment for your employees post-closing.

Our in-house team operates each store, continues to deliver the phenomenal experience your customers expect, and explores new opportunities for growth. As founders and builders ourselves, we empathize with the love and tenacity you poured into making your store what it is today. When you sell your store to us, you're trusting us to steward and nurture it. We take that responsibility seriously.