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100,000 products

across categories, we buy and operate more Shopify brands than any other company.

Why founders sell to OpenStore:

Compelling offers

Our approach ensures that you receive a reliable offer, empowering you to sell with certainty.

Simple process

We make it easy and provide transparency at every step, eliminating hidden fees and unnecessary hurdles. Requesting an offer is free.

Fast close

We enable you to sell your business quickly and confidently so that you can move on to something new.

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6+ months of operations

$500k+ in net sales to consumer audiences

The majority of customers and sales are in the U.S.

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Common questions

After you connect your Shopify business’ information, our pricing team will review your company’s past performance, including metrics such as revenue growth, new customer growth, customer repeat rates, average order value, customer acquisition costs, and profitability. We’ll use that data and combine it with our data science model to generate forecasts for your business that allow us to map out your business’ future earnings. This pricing model enables us to build rigorous offers with more precision than a simple revenue-based valuation or cash flow multiple.

The best way to find out is to submit your business for a free valuation with no obligation to sell. The ideal business for OpenStore is one with high sales growth, high profitability, high marketing scale potential, and low operating complexity. Even if your business is not a fit for OpenStore today, it may be in the future as our qualifications evolve.

Once you submit your information, we’ll send you an offer for your business within 3-5 business days, on average. If you accept the offer, we’ll then complete the diligence process in a matter of weeks. Then we’ll kick off the ownership transfer process.

Once the diligence process is complete, we’ll transfer 80% of your cash offer to you and begin partnering with you on transferring ownership of your business. You’ll receive the remaining 20% after the transfer is complete.

Our team of e-commerce experts manages your business once you sell to OpenStore. We operate nearly 50 Shopify businesses and we have team members who are professionals in social media marketing, paid search, email and SMS marketing, supply chain operations, inventory management, customer service, and more. Employing experts across these different disciplines ensure that your brand is taken care of once we take on ownership.