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Turn your Shopify store into passive income

OpenStore will analyze your store’s performance and calculate your monthly payments for a full year. Then our experts will run it for you.

Calculate your monthly income


Take your time back

Transition everything to our experts over 60 days so you can quickly pursue what’s next.

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Customer Service
  • Fulfillment & Demand Planning
  • Inventory Management

Get paid no matter what

Performance fluctuation will not affect your passive income payments. We’re so confident in our experts – we’ll take on all the risk.

  • 100% payment guarantee
  • View 12 monthly payments upfront

Maintain store ownership

Have the flexibility to continue OpenStore Drive, sell your store or take back all operations yourself at the end of the year.

  • Quarterly check-in calls
  • Small 10% management fee
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Schedule a call with an expert on our team.

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