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OpenStore Acquires Vegan Supplement Brand Future Kind

Frank Kosarek, Business Development profile picture

Frank Kosarek, Business Development

Apr 4, 2024

FK Acquisition
  • OpenStore has acquired Future Kind, a vegan supplement brand started by brothers Shaun and Eliot. 

  • The founders received multiple offers for their business but decided to sell to OpenStore because of the team’s commitment to maintaining the brand’s mission. 

  • Selling to OpenStore has allowed Shaun and Eliot to spend time on their next business in the climate tech industry.

We recently acquired and welcomed Future Kind, a 100% vegan, sustainability-oriented supplement brand, to the OpenStore portfolio. Brothers Shaun and Eliot Cunningham started Future Kind in 2019 and scaled the brand tremendously over the last four years, reaching nearly $4 million in annual sales.

Shaun and Eliot had been running Future Kind for about four years when they connected with OpenStore about a potential sale. While they hadn’t been thinking about selling, they were intrigued by OpenStore’s offer and how it could afford them the opportunity to spend time on their next business. “The more we explored it, the more it made sense to sell,” Shaun says.


Before starting Future Kind, Shaun and Eliot scaled another health-minded brand, Aussie Health Co. They sold Aussie Health Co. in 2019, and started working on Future Kind. As followers of plant-based diets, the brothers discovered that it was difficult to find vegan supplements to support their diets. That’s when they had the idea for Future Kind, a line of supplements that they would personally buy and recommend to their loved ones. 

The Future Kind team uses vegan, cruelty-free, dietician-approved ingredients to develop their supplements. Future Kind is also committed to sustainability, using recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Like any business, the founders of Future Kind faced challenges like delayed product launches and packaging challenges when they first started. But the pair found major success by staying true to their mission. “I think by being honest with our customers we won their trust. We weren't trying to be a big corporation. Just some people trying to build a brand in a sometimes shady industry,” Shaun says. Shaun and Eliot knew that they had built something special when they started talking to well-known plant-based doctors who already knew about their company. 

While the founders received multiple offers from prospective buyers, Shaun and Eliot felt that they could trust OpenStore to continue scaling Future Kind while upholding the founders’ sustainability-focused mission. 

We’re so excited to add Future Kind to our portfolio of businesses, and we can’t wait to see what the Cunningham brothers do next. Although Shaun and Eliot have sold Future Kind to OpenStore, they’re not done shaking up the sustainability industry just yet. They’re already building their next “venture in the climate tech space.” As Shaun put it, “ [There’s] no rest for the wicked.” 

Kudos, Shaun and Eliot!  We can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

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