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EXO Drones, Now Available in Best Buy

Tyler Pittman, Business Development profile picture

Tyler Pittman, Business Development

Nov 27, 2023

exo drone

At OpenStore, we’re helping millions of shoppers discover new products across our portfolio. In addition to our existing DTC channels, such as our brands' storefronts and dedicated mobile apps, we’re always exploring opportunities to expand our distribution channels to make our products available to more people. Today, we are thrilled to bring one of our most popular brands, EXO Drones, to Best Buy, online and in stores nationwide.

EXO Drones offers drones for beginners and professionals alike— from kids and hobbyists to professional photographers and creative agencies. We can’t wait to introduce the products to even more customers through Best Buy’s online and retail stores.

You can now purchase select EXO Drones like the EXO Recon, EXO Scout, EXO Mini, and our most advanced drone yet, the EXO Blackhawk 3 Pro, on You can also find the EXO Mini and the EXO Blackhawk 3 Pro at over 100 Best Buy stores nationwide, where you can get advice from Best Buy's team of experts. 

Best Buy approached us about selling the EXO Drones after seeing consumer interest and buying behavior for drones spike. By offering EXO Drones, they’re increasing their selection for customers and featuring a US-operated drone brand.

We can’t wait for more people to experience the joy that EXO Drones have brought to so many people. 

Tyler Pittman, Business Development

Lesley Nolan, Merchandising

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