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Wipeout Hide out of stock

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Wipeout Hide out of stock is a Shopify app that helps you improve your store by automatically hiding sold-out products and publishing restocked items. This app scans your online store daily and hides any sold-out products, making shopping more enjoyable for your customers and increasing sales. When a sold-out product comes back in stock, Wipeout automatically publishes it to your online store. With the ability to schedule automatic hide and publish actions, as well as the option to manually hide and publish products, you have full control over your inventory. Additionally, you can bulk exclude products and easily reverse any hide or publish actions within 24 hours.

Key Features

  • Automatically hide sold-out products

  • Publish back in stock items automatically

  • Schedule automatic hide & publish

  • Manually hide & publish anytime

  • Bulk exclude products

  • Reverse hide or publish within 24 hours


Free Plan


Manually press Hide button to hide sold out products. Free if store has less than 3000 products. Bulk-Exclude and reverse within 24 hours.

Automatic Plan


Automatically Hide & Publish once a day. Daily Email Report. Bulk-exclude products and reverse within 24 hours. Upto 100,000 products only.

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly check the app settings to ensure your desired hide and publish actions are scheduled correctly.

  • Take advantage of the bulk exclude feature to save time when managing a large inventory.

  • Monitor the daily email report provided by the app to stay updated on the status of your inventory.

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