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Way2Enjoy Image Optimizer

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Way2Enjoy Image Optimizer is a powerful Shopify app that helps improve your store's SEO and customer satisfaction by optimizing images. With automated image compression, ALT tag optimization, and file renaming for SEO-friendly file names, this app ensures that your website loads quickly and ranks higher on Google. The app offers a free plan with unlimited manual optimization, as well as paid plans with higher limits and automatic optimization.

Key Features

  • Automated image optimization to improve website load time

  • Automated optimization of ALT tags for better Google ranking

  • Automated file renaming for SEO-friendly file names

  • Free plan available with unlimited manual optimization

  • Enterprise plan with 2GB limit and automatic optimization

  • Pro plan with 500MB limit and automatic optimization


Basic : Manual FREE


100% Free Unlimited Manual Optimization, 50 MB limit, ALT TAGS optimizer, File renames



Image Optimizer, 2 GB limit, ALT TAGS optimizer, File renames, Automatic Optimization



Image Optimizer, 500 MB limit, ALT TAGS optimizer, File renames, Automatic Optimization

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly optimize your images to improve website load time and SEO ranking

  • Use descriptive ALT tags to enhance your images' visibility on search engines

  • Choose SEO-friendly file names for your images to improve search engine optimization

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