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Census: Post‑Purchase Surveys

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Census: Post‑Purchase Surveys is a Shopify app that allows you to capture actionable insights from customers through tailored surveys. With the ability to utilize Post-Purchase and Onsite surveys, you can gain unrivaled insight into key areas such as attribution, satisfaction, brand sentiment, onsite experiences, bugs, and more. The app allows you to ask questions specific to each customer using rules to define which questions to show and when, allowing for dynamic segmentation. With the dashboard, you can analyze feedback and the quantifiable metrics associated with it, making it a great tool to introduce into any CRM strategy.

Key Features

  • Capture actionable insights from customers via surveys tailored specifically to them

  • Utilize Post-Purchase and Onsite surveys to gain unrivaled insight into key areas

  • Ask questions specific to each customer using rules to define which questions to show and when

  • Analyze feedback and the quantifiable metrics associated with it

  • No coding required - click install and start gaining feedback in minutes

  • Unlimited survey submissions with no punishment for collecting more data

  • Sophisticated logic to power dynamic rules and segmentation

  • In-depth reporting and fully exportable data


Free Forever Plan


UNLIMITED survey responses, customization options, detailed reporting, and full data exporting

Premium Plan


Everything in the Free plan plus custom dynamic questions, removal of Vervaunt Labs branding, and greater email notification configuration

Platinum Plan


Everything in the Premium plan plus onsite surveys, rules for question display, and exportable data

Tips and Tricks

  • Use dynamic rules and segmentation to ask specific questions to each customer

  • Regularly analyze feedback and metrics to identify areas for improvement

  • Export data for further analysis and integration with CRM systems

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