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Valiant Variant Images

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Valiant Variant Images is a Shopify app that allows you to easily organize and display product images based on variants. With a user-friendly drag and drop interface, you can arrange your images in the desired order. The app uses advanced JavaScript that loads quickly and does not block other assets. Additionally, the images are stored in your store, so even if you uninstall the app, you won't lose your images.

Key Features

  • Organize product images by variant

  • Drag and drop interface for easy reordering

  • No-risk install - images are saved to your store

  • Advanced, fast-loading JavaScript

  • Fast-loading images using Shopify's content delivery network




Basic features for organizing variant images

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the drag and drop interface to easily reorder your product images

  • Take advantage of the advanced JavaScript to ensure fast loading of your images

  • Make use of Shopify's content delivery network for fast-loading images

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