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Ultimate Scarcity Pro

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Ultimate Scarcity Pro is a powerful Shopify app that allows you to create countdown timers, stock bars, social proof widgets, cart reservation bars, and more. These features help generate scarcity and urgency, encouraging visitors to make immediate purchases. With customizable styles and templates, you can easily match the look of your store. Whether you want to display timers immediately or after a set period of time, on specific pages or below the add to cart button, Ultimate Scarcity Pro provides the flexibility to meet your needs.

Key Features

  • Create countdown timers to generate scarcity and encourage immediate purchases

  • Customize the look of countdown timers with multiple styles and templates

  • Display timers immediately or after a set period of time

  • Show countdown timers on specific pages or below add to cart button

  • Create stock bars and timers to show product availability

  • Customize stock bars with multiple font options

  • Display social proof widgets on product detail pages

  • Implement cart reservation bars and offer/stock running out bars

  • Use sales pop to show recent sold items and increase credibility

  • Add announcement header bars to highlight important information


Free Plan


Access to basic features including countdown timers, stock bars, social proof, and cart reservation bars

Premium Plan


Includes all features from the Free Plan plus additional features such as order within/get it by, premium templates, and removal of Softpulse logo

Tips and Tricks

  • Use countdown timers strategically to create urgency and drive sales

  • Experiment with different styles and templates to find the best fit for your store

  • Consider displaying timers on product pages or below the add to cart button for maximum impact

  • Utilize stock bars and timers to show product availability and create a sense of scarcity

  • Leverage social proof widgets to build trust and credibility with your customers

  • Implement cart reservation bars to encourage immediate checkout and reduce cart abandonment

  • Take advantage of the offer/stock running out bars to create a sense of urgency and boost conversions

  • Use sales pop to showcase recent sold items and create a sense of popularity and demand

  • Highlight important information or promotions with announcement header bars

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