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Tracking Elite

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Tracking Elite is a powerful Shopify app that allows you to provide estimated delivery times to your customers, even before their orders are shipped. By automatically calculating and displaying these estimated delivery times, you can reduce the number of inquiries to your customer service team and provide a better customer experience. With Tracking Elite, your customers can track their orders at any time, giving them peace of mind and reducing the need for additional support.

Key Features

  • Automatically calculate and show estimated delivery times on each order

  • Reduce customer service workload by avoiding repetitive order status inquiries

  • Enable customers to track their orders at any time, even before shipment




Unlock all features of Tracking Elite and provide the best tracking experience for your customers

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to set accurate estimated delivery times for each product in your store

  • Encourage customers to track their orders by including a tracking link in their order confirmation emails

  • Use the app's analytics to monitor customer engagement with the tracking feature and identify any areas for improvement

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