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Top 10 Finances Shopify Apps

Managing your finances is vital for the success and growth of your online business. A finances Shopify app can help you track your revenue, expenses, and profitability, providing you with valuable insights into your financial performance. These apps offer features like real-time sales reporting, expense tracking, and integration with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero. By using a finances app, you can streamline your financial management processes, make informed business decisions, and ensure financial transparency and compliance.

Table of contents

  1. QuickBooks Online Global
  2. CedCommerce Google Feed
  3. Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation
  4. Rewind Backups
  5. QuickBooks sync by Webgility
  6. teelaunch: Print on Demand
  7. Beae Landing Page Builder
  8. QuickBooks, Xero sync ‑ Synder
  9. lexoffice Integration
  10. Monimo: Photo reviews & UGC
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QuickBooks Online Global

1,926 reviews


Store management




QuickBooks Online Global is a Shopify app that allows you to easily manage the connection between your Shopify store and QuickBooks Online. Track your income and expenses, maximize tax deductions, and automate accounting tasks. Import sales data from Shopify to QuickBooks Online and reduce the need for manual data entry. Sync your inventory and accounting data between Shopify and QuickBooks Online to streamline your business processes.

Key Features

  • Automate accounting tasks

  • Track income and expenses

  • Maximize tax deductions

  • Import sales data

  • Reduce manual data entry

  • Sync inventory and accounting data


Free Plan


Track income and expenses, maximize tax deductions, and sync inventory and accounting data

QBO Essentials


Track income and expenses, invoice and accept payments, and manage contract work

QBO Plus


Track income and expenses, invoice and accept payments, manage contract work, and track project profitability

QBO Advanced


Track income and expenses, invoice and accept payments, manage contract work, track project profitability, and manage employee expenses

Tips and Tricks

  • Automate your accounting tasks with QuickBooks Online Global

  • Track your income and expenses to maximize tax deductions

  • Sync your inventory and accounting data between Shopify and QuickBooks Online


CedCommerce Google Feed is a powerful Shopify app that allows you to easily manage feed and orders for multiple Google programs. With this app, you can sync your products to Google in real-time, target multiple countries, and create Google Shopping Ads. You can also view detailed reports for your Ads performance and manage unlimited Google orders. The app offers advanced features such as profiling, order sync, and Pmax campaigns to help you drive more traffic and increase sales. With CedCommerce Google Feed, you can streamline your Google feed management and optimize your Google programs for maximum results.

Key Features

  • Manage feed for multiple Google programs

  • Sync products to Google

  • Manage unlimited Google orders

  • Create Google Shopping Ads

  • View Ads Report

  • Profiling - Use custom profile to filter products and add additional attributes

  • Order sync - Get Google orders created on store automatically from app

  • Product sync- Sync products to Google in realtime and target multiple countries

  • Pmax campaign - Boost traffic by Pmax campaigns by setting budget and location


Free plan


Manage 500 SKUs, target single country, manual/automated feed setup, create Google Shopping Ads, view Ads Report, manage unlimited orders

Bronze plan


Manage 2000 SKUs, target multiple countries, manual/automated feed setup, create Google Shopping Ads, view Ads Report, manage unlimited orders

Silver plan


Manage 6000 SKUs, target multiple countries, manual/automated feed setup, create Google Shopping Ads, view Ads Report, manage unlimited orders

Gold plan


Manage 15000 SKUs, target multiple countries, manual/automated feed setup, create Google Shopping Ads, view Ads Report, manage unlimited orders

Tips and Tricks

  • Use custom profiles to filter products and add additional attributes for better targeting

  • Take advantage of Pmax campaigns to boost traffic and increase sales

  • Regularly review and analyze your Ads performance to optimize your Google programs


Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation is a powerful app that allows you to create advanced mega menus for your Shopify store. With just a few clicks, you can design beautiful menus that will enhance the look and functionality of your store. Your customers can easily navigate through your products, collections, and pages directly from the menu, making it easier for them to find what they're looking for. The app offers a range of features, including different submenu designs, customizable menu items, image and video integration, countdown timers, and the ability to translate menus into different languages. With Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation, you can create a seamless and user-friendly navigation experience for your customers.

Key Features

  • Create advanced mega menus in minutes

  • Improve the look of your store with beautiful menus

  • Add to cart and navigate through categories directly from the menu

  • Choose from 4 submenu designs: Tree, Simple, Tabbed, and Contact

  • Link menus to any product, collection, or page in your store

  • Customize menus with images, countdown timers, labels, badges, and videos

  • Translate menus into any language with 1 click




Unlimited Tree / Flyout & Mega Menus, Unlimited Menu Items & Link Lists, Collection, Product & Page Images (5 each), Icons, No Watermark

Mega Zen


14 days Free Trial, All features from Free plan + Tabs, Contact, Unlimited Images, Videos, Badges, Add to Cart, Countdown, Translate menu

Tips and Tricks

  • Use eye-catching images and videos in your menus to attract customers' attention

  • Highlight your best-selling products or promotions with countdown timers and badges

  • Translate your menus into different languages to cater to a global audience

  • Optimize your menus for search engines by including relevant keywords and meta tags

  • Integrate your menus with your email marketing campaigns to drive more sales

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Rewind Backups

963 reviews


Rewind Backups is a Shopify app that provides automatic real-time backups for your most important store data. With Rewind Backups, you can easily backup your theme, products, or even your full store with automated backups. If mistakes happen, you can quickly restore your data and get back to selling. Additionally, Rewind Protection Suite offers 24/7 downtime monitoring for your store and 3rd-party apps, user journey testing, a fully synced staging environment, and bulk product change alerts to prevent, detect, and recover from unwanted changes.

Key Features

  • Automatic real-time, daily, and on-demand backups.

  • Restore multiple items at once, like an entire collection or brand.

  • Undo individual items, bulk restore, or recover your entire store.

  • Get full prevention, protection and restore capabilities with Protection Suite.

  • Quick and easy setup alongside dedicated and reliable customer support.




Up to 300 orders/month. Automatic real-time backups, whole-store/individual restores, unlimited file storage, 1 year of history, and metafield backups.



Up to 600 orders/month. Automatic real-time backups, whole-store/individual restores, unlimited file storage, 1 year of history, and metafield backups.



Up to 1000 orders/month. Automatic real-time backups, whole-store/individual restores, unlimited file storage, 1 year of history, metafield backups, and multi-store ready.

Protection Suite


All backup and restore features, website and 3rd-party app downtime monitoring, staging environment setup, and alerts for any product changes.

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly schedule automated backups to ensure your store data is always protected.

  • Take advantage of the bulk restore feature to quickly recover multiple items at once.

  • Consider upgrading to Rewind Protection Suite for additional protection and monitoring capabilities.

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QuickBooks sync by Webgility

851 reviews


QuickBooks sync by Webgility is a premier ecommerce accounting and inventory automation software for QuickBooks Online. It helps you grow and scale your business by reducing the amount of time you spend on manual data entry. With this app, you can seamlessly manage and sync orders and inventory across all of your sales channels and QuickBooks, ensuring your books and inventory are always correct and up to date.

Key Features

  • Automate accounting and inventory workflows

  • Sync orders and inventory across all sales channels and QuickBooks

  • Eliminate manual bookkeeping for orders, tax, and fees

  • Record income with each transaction or payout in real time

  • Close your books with ease - bank deposits neatly match your books

  • Simplify sales tax filing by automatically recording multi-store sales tax

  • Get actionable insights for channel and product performance and profitability




1,000 orders/month | 2 Stores Summarized accounting automation: Record summary entries for online sales, fees, and sales tax Free Onboarding



1,000 orders/month | 2 Stores Detailed accounting automation: Record every sale and refund as it happens Free onboarding Free support



1,000 orders/month 2 Stores Free Onboarding Automate Ecommerce Accounting Automate Inventory and Pricing Automate QuickBooks Item Management

Tips and Tricks

  • Automate your accounting and inventory workflows with QuickBooks sync by Webgility

  • Sync orders and inventory across all sales channels and QuickBooks for accurate and up-to-date records

  • Take advantage of the actionable insights provided by the app to optimize your channel and product performance


teelaunch: Print on Demand is a Shopify app that allows you to start your dream business with no upfront costs. With teelaunch, you can easily create and sell print on demand products. They offer worldwide production for faster delivery and have a wide range of products to choose from. With an experienced team that has been in the industry for 8 years, teelaunch provides high-quality products and excellent customer service. The app is also integrated with Shopify, making it easy to use directly in your Shopify admin.

Key Features

  • Start your dream business with no upfront costs

  • Print on demand products

  • Worldwide production for faster delivery

  • Wide range of products to choose from

  • Experienced team with 8 years in the industry

  • Integrated app for seamless use in Shopify admin




Free to install and use

Tips and Tricks

  • Use high-quality images to showcase your products

  • Offer personalized product options to attract more customers

  • Optimize your store's navigation and search for better user experience

  • Utilize social proof to build trust with your customers

  • Implement SEO strategies to improve your store's visibility

  • Use email marketing to engage with your customers and drive sales

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Beae Landing Page Builder

281 reviews


Beae Landing Page Builder is a powerful page builder app for Shopify that allows you to build high converting stores with ease. With its drag and drop editor and extensive templates library, you can create stunning pages for your homepage, landing pages, products, collections, blogs, and pop-ups. The app also supports mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and multi-language support, making it suitable for high-performing stores. Additionally, Beae Landing Page Builder integrates with 95+ popular Shopify apps, allowing you to grow your store and enhance its functionality. The app offers 24/7 chat support, even for its free plan users.

Key Features

  • Build high converting store with powerful page builder

  • Extensive templates library with 400+ templates and 65+ elements for conversion

  • Support mobile responsive, other devices and SEO optimization

  • Grow your store with 95+ integrated most popular apps and multi-language support

  • 24/7 chat support even available for free plan




3 Publish pages, 3 Draft pages, 5 Save templates, All free elements, All free templates, Image Optimization, Email support


$11.10/month or $119.88/year

EVERYTHING in Free, plus: 10 Publish pages, 10 Draft pages, 50 Saved templates, All pro elements, All pro templates, Live Chat 24/7


$23.99/month or $230.30/year

EVERYTHING in Basic, plus: 50 Publish pages, 100 Draft pages, 500 Save templates, Form & popup advanced, SEO Optimization, Multi language support


$149.99/month or $1,259.99/year

EVERYTHING in Professional, plus: Unlimited publish, Unlimited draft pages, Unlimited save templates, Share 1 store, High Priority support

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Beae Landing Page Builder to create stunning and high-converting pages for your Shopify store

  • Take advantage of the extensive templates library to save time and create professional-looking pages

  • Optimize your pages for mobile devices and improve your store's SEO with Beae Landing Page Builder

  • Integrate with popular Shopify apps to enhance your store's functionality and grow your business

  • Utilize the 24/7 chat support available, even for free plan users, to get assistance and resolve any issues

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QuickBooks, Xero sync ‑ Synder

223 reviews


Synder is a powerful Shopify app that enables you to synchronize all your sales, fees, inventory, taxes, discounts, gift cards, shipping, items, and customers from your Shopify store to QuickBooks or Xero automatically. It simplifies the reconciliation process, allows for unlimited historical imports, and supports multi-currency. With Synder, you can save time on bookkeeping automation and trust that your Shopify and QuickBooks or Xero accounts are always in sync.

Key Features

  • Automatically sync Shopify sales, fees, inventory, taxes, and more to QuickBooks or Xero

  • Choose to sync daily summarized entries or each individual sale

  • Import years of historical transactions with complete duplicates protection

  • Automate every sales channel with one tool, supports 25+ platforms

  • Sync inventory and COGS to your books

  • Multi-currency support




50 Orders/Month, 1 year of historical data access, 1 integration, 1 additional user, daily sync



500 Orders/Month, unlimited historical data access, unlimited integrations, smart reconciliation, hourly sync, multicurrency, 1 additional user



1k-5k Orders/Month, unlimited historical data access, unlimited integrations, smart reconciliation, COGS sync, multicurrency, 1 additional user



10,000+ Orders/Month, unlimited historical data access, unlimited integrations, smart reconciliation, COGS sync, multicurrency, 1 additional user

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly check your sync settings to ensure all relevant data is being synced accurately

  • Take advantage of the multi-currency support to easily manage international sales

  • Use the financial reports to gain insights into your business's performance and make informed decisions

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lexoffice Integration

221 reviews


The lexoffice Integration app seamlessly integrates your Shopify store with the lexoffice accounting software. With just a few easy steps, you can automate the creation and bookkeeping of invoices, refunds, and payments for each order. The app also allows for immediate entry of documents for all tax returns, including VAT, DATEV, and OSS. You can even import invoices from older orders for streamlined accounting. With synchronization of payments and automatic linking with invoices, your accounting process becomes more efficient and accurate. Plus, the app ensures that your invoices are GoBD-compliant, meeting all legal requirements for proper record-keeping.

Key Features

  • Automatically create and book invoices, refunds and payments for each order

  • Immediate entry of documents for all tax returns (VAT & DATEV | VAT | OSS)

  • Import feature to get invoices from older orders for streamlined accounting

  • Synchronization of payments and automatic linking with invoices

  • Automatic GoBD-compliant. From invoicing to the obligation to keep record




Create and send invoices or refunds, update your invoices, bring your taxes in line, define your shipping, multi-user management, POS/OSS ready

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the import feature to streamline your accounting by getting invoices from older orders.

  • Take advantage of the synchronization of payments to automatically link them with invoices for accurate bookkeeping.

  • Ensure your invoices are GoBD-compliant by using the lexoffice Integration app.


Monimo is a powerful review app that simplifies the process of collecting customer reviews. It allows you to import reviews from popular platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay, as well as CSV imports. With Monimo, you can display reviews on your homepage, cart page, product page, collection page, and even in pop-ups. The app also offers translation capabilities, allowing you to display reviews in different languages. Customize the design of your reviews to match your store's branding and change the colors to fit your style. Monimo provides detailed analytics on your review performance, including sales and email analytics. The app also integrates seamlessly with other Shopify apps, offering support and assistance through the Monimo Assistant. Increase review engagement with SMS, email, and photo reminders. Monimo is fully responsive, ensuring a great user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Encourage referrals and post-review referrals to drive additional sales. Monimo is a comprehensive solution for managing and leveraging customer reviews to boost your store's credibility and sales.

Key Features

  • Import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, CSV import

  • Homepage, cart page, product page, collection page, pop-ups

  • Translate reviews, Shopify, reviews in different languages

  • Review design, customization reviews, change review color

  • Monimo driven sales analytics, review analytics, email analytics

  • Monimo Assistant, support, help, reviews integration

  • SMS review reminder, email review reminder, photo review reminder

  • Responsive design, reviews app, mobile, desktop reviews, Shopify

  • Give friend a gift, referrals, post review referral, Shopify


Free Plan


Basic features and limited usage

Grow Plan


Includes all pre-launch features, Monimo Pop-ups, home page widget, happy customer page, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay reviews, and remove branded logo

Pro Plan


Includes all lift-off features, review keyword blacklist, cart page widget, sidebar widget, testimonial slider, SEO - Google Rich Snippets

Advanced Plan


Includes all orbit features, email & SMS reminder ($0.01 per email, $0.1 per SMS), referrals, custom questions, analytics, auto update reviews

Tips and Tricks

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering incentives or rewards.

  • Regularly monitor and respond to customer reviews to show that you value their feedback.

  • Use the analytics provided by Monimo to identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

  • Customize the design of your reviews to match your store's branding and create a cohesive look and feel.

  • Leverage the power of social proof by prominently displaying positive reviews on your store's homepage.

  • Consider using Monimo's SMS and email reminder features to prompt customers to leave reviews after making a purchase.

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