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Sumtracker Inventory App

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The Sumtracker Inventory App is a powerful solution for managing inventory for both single store and multi-store owners. With this app, you can keep inventory in sync between your Shopify store and other platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. The app allows you to update inventory of multiple listings through a single product and auto-update bundles inventory based on their components. You can also manage multiple locations, get detailed inventory logs, easily update stock, and receive low stock alerts. The app also provides features for managing purchase orders, including tracking lead time and setting alert thresholds. With Sumtracker, you can streamline your inventory management and improve efficiency in your business.

Key Features

  • Multichannel inventory sync

  • Product bundles auto-update

  • Purchase orders automation

  • Low stock alerts & reports

  • Multi-location support

  • Bulk import and export

  • API access

  • Call and email support




Upto 200 orders/month, upto 5 store connections, all features included, multi-location, call and email support



Upto 500 orders/month, upto 5 store connections, all features included, multi-location, call and email support



Upto 1000 orders/month, upto 5 store connections, all features included, multi-location, API access, call and email support



Upto 5000 orders/month, upto 10 store connections, all features included, API access, higher order volume and store plans available

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the multichannel inventory sync feature to keep your inventory up to date across multiple platforms

  • Take advantage of the auto-update bundles feature to ensure accurate inventory counts for bundled products

  • Utilize the low stock alerts and reports to stay on top of inventory levels and avoid stockouts

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