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Storelapse ‑ Backup & Restore

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Storelapse ‑ Backup & Restore is a Shopify app that allows you to easily backup and restore your store. With instant backup and the ability to undo changes to previous snapshots, you can ensure that your store is always protected. The app also provides a timeline view of changes that have happened in your store, allowing you to track and monitor any updates or deletions. With Storelapse, you can restore products to a selected version in just minutes, making it easy to recover from any mistakes or errors. You can also compare and schedule current versions with previous versions to see the changes that have been made. Additionally, Storelapse allows you to choose specific fields to be restored, giving you full control over the restoration process.

Key Features

  • Instant backup, restore & undo changes to previous snapshots

  • View changes that happened in-store in a timeline

  • Restore and backup products to the selected version in minutes

  • Select single or multiple products to be restored

  • Detailed product comparison between different snapshots




Includes basic backup and restore features

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly backup your store to ensure that you have a recent snapshot to restore from

  • Use the timeline view to track and monitor changes in your store

  • Take advantage of the detailed product comparison feature to easily identify differences between versions

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