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Store Pickup + Delivery (CR)

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Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is a Shopify app that allows you to offer your customers the option to choose when they want to pick up their orders or have them delivered. With an intuitive interface and easy setup, this app helps you boost your conversion rate and provide your customers with flexibility. You can customize pickup times and locations, limit the number of orders per time slot or per day, and automatically tag orders with pickup/delivery details. This app is perfect for businesses that want to offer a convenient and efficient pickup or delivery service.

Key Features

  • Flexible pickup and delivery options

  • Intuitive interface for easy setup

  • Customizable pickup times and locations

  • Limit orders per time slot or per day

  • Automatic tagging of orders with pickup/delivery details


Lite - Pickup

From $6.90/month

Pickup from one location, date/time picker, order preparation time, set mandatory for pickup products, exclude products from pickup


From $11.90/month

Pickup in store, unlimited locations, limit number of orders per time slot, date picker, time picker, free setup and integration, set cut off time

Pickup + Delivery

From $17.90/month

All options from the Pickup plan, limit delivery by zip code, set delivery time blocks, disable specific days

Tips and Tricks

  • Offer multiple pickup and delivery options to cater to different customer preferences

  • Set specific pickup times and locations to streamline operations

  • Use automatic tagging to easily track and manage pickup and delivery orders

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