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SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking

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SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking is a Shopify app that helps you track your store's profit and expenses so you can make informed business decisions. It automatically tracks your sales revenues and business expenses, saving you time from manually tracking them with spreadsheets. With SimplyCost, you can connect and pull advertising spend from major ad platforms, add custom one-off or recurring expenses, setup processing fees rate for each payment gateway, and view and filter sales and product profit reports easily.

Key Features

  • Automatically track store profit and expenses

  • Connect and pull advertising spend from major ad platforms

  • Add custom one-off or recurring expenses

  • Setup processing fees rate for each payment gateway

  • View and filter sales and product profit reports easily




One simple plan, unlimited everything!

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review your sales and profit reports to identify trends and make data-driven decisions

  • Use the app to track the profitability of different marketing campaigns and advertising platforms

  • Set up custom expenses to accurately reflect your business costs

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