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Thrive by Shopventory

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Thrive by Shopventory is a centralized inventory management and reporting solution for multi-location and online Shopify sellers. It seamlessly connects your brick and mortar locations with your Shopify store, integrating flawlessly with Shopify and Shopify POS as well as Square, Clover, and Google Shopping. With Thrive, you can save time, cut costs, make smarter business decisions, and increase sales by having all of your business data in one place.

Key Features

  • Real-time stock and catalog syncing with multi-location and point of sale integrations

  • Data-rich reporting by location and sales channel

  • Automate purchase orders to restock product

  • Connect multiple Shopify accounts for an all-in-one experience

  • Use a scanner to count, transfer, and reorder product

  • Assemblies and manufacturing workflows to take your business to the next level




Up to 2 total Locations / Integrations, Bundles, Purchase Orders, Vendor Management, Invoicing, Min/Max Levels, Up to 3,000 transactions/mo



Standard Plus, Up to 5 total Locations / Integrations, Scan-to-create functions, Stock Forecasting, Up to 10,000 transactions/mo



Pro Plus, Up to 10 total Locations / Integrations, Intelligent stock forecasting, Up to 25,000 transactions/mo



Elite Plus, Up to 20 total Locations / Integrations, Account manager, Up to 75,000 transactions/mo

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Thrive by Shopventory to automate your inventory management and reporting processes, saving you time and effort

  • Take advantage of the real-time stock and catalog syncing feature to ensure accurate inventory levels across all your sales channels

  • Utilize the data-rich reporting capabilities to gain insights into your business performance by location and sales channel

  • Automate purchase orders to restock product and streamline your inventory replenishment process

  • Connect multiple Shopify accounts for an all-in-one experience and easily manage inventory for different stores

  • Use a scanner to count, transfer, and reorder product, making inventory management more efficient

  • Take advantage of the assemblies and manufacturing workflows feature to streamline your production processes

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