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Cloudhooks is a Shopify app that allows you to create custom integrations with 3rd-party APIs without the need to manage your own server. With a secure, serverless Javascript environment, you can respond to your shop's events and interact with the Shopify API, HTTP endpoints, or send emails. Cloudhooks handles the work of subscribing to webhook events, verifying their authenticity, and running your sandboxed code in response. It also provides built-in utilities for API calls, HTTP requests, and more, making it easy to create and maintain your custom integrations.

Key Features

  • Create custom integrations with 3rd-party APIs without managing your own server

  • Respond to your shop's events using a secure, serverless Javascript environment

  • Write event-driven code without the need for code deploys

  • Built-in utilities for API calls, HTTP requests, etc.

  • Run code in a sandbox environment

  • Subscribe to webhook events and verify their authenticity

  • Record and review logs of your integrations


Free Plan


Actions 1-100 are free, 101-50k are $0.01 each, 50k+ are $0.005 each.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Cloudhooks to automate tasks and streamline your Shopify store operations

  • Take advantage of the built-in utilities to easily make API calls and interact with other systems

  • Regularly review the logs to ensure your integrations are running smoothly and efficiently

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