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SEON Fraud Prevention

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SEON Fraud Prevention is a powerful app that helps Shopify store owners protect their businesses from fraud and chargebacks. By analyzing hundreds of data points in real-time, including email, phone number, IP, credit card, and device fingerprint, SEON verifies transactions and filters out fraudulent orders. With customizable risk settings and AI-assisted fraud pattern detection, SEON provides a seamless and secure experience for genuine customers.

Key Features

  • Real-time fraud detection and prevention

  • Verification of hundreds of data points including email, phone number, IP, credit card, device fingerprint, and more

  • Filtering of fraudulent orders, flagging or auto-canceling risky orders

  • Customizable risk tolerance, rules, blacklists, and whitelists

  • AI and machine learning assisted engine for fraud pattern detection




500 order checks/month included, in-product support within 48h, limited features



3,000 order checks/month, premium support within 24h, unlimited platform and features


Free to install

Custom pricing for Shopify Plus stores managing over 30,000 orders per month. Contact us to learn more!

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review and update your risk tolerance, rules, and blacklists to ensure maximum fraud prevention

  • Take advantage of SEON's customizable features to fit your unique business needs

  • Leverage the AI and machine learning assisted engine to identify and flag unnoticeable fraud patterns

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