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PGC Scan and Ship

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PGC Scan and Ship is a Shopify app designed to eliminate shipping errors and ensure customer satisfaction. With this app, each order is automatically checked before it is shipped to verify that the correct items have been packaged in the correct quantity. It also offers optional features such as tracking number verification and order fulfillment marking. The app is especially useful for merchants who want to save time and reduce the risk of shipping mistakes.

Key Features

  • Automatically check each order before shipping

  • Verify the items picked match the order

  • Check quantities match the order

  • Optional tracking number verification

  • Optional order fulfillment marking

  • Handles multipacks with a single barcode scan


Free Plan


Basic features for small businesses

Premium Plan


Additional advanced features for larger businesses

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the check address function to ensure the box is going to the right house

  • Implement the fulfill items function to automatically fulfill items straight from the app

  • Use the app to track your crew's progress on the day's orders

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