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Reveal: Customer Data & NPS

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Reveal: Customer Data & NPS is an app that provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. With Reveal, you can segment your customers based on RFM analysis, allowing you to target specific customer groups with personalized marketing campaigns. The app also includes automated NPS surveys to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, Reveal helps you track customer retention and lifetime value, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your business strategies.

Key Features

  • Gain insights into customer behavior and preferences

  • Segment customers based on RFM analysis

  • Automate NPS surveys to measure customer satisfaction

  • Track customer retention and lifetime value

  • Generate reports and analytics for data-driven decision making


Free Plan


Basic features for small businesses

Scale Plan


Advanced features for growing businesses

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the RFM analysis feature to identify your best and worst customers and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly

  • Regularly monitor NPS scores and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and enhance customer satisfaction

  • Leverage the customer segmentation feature to create personalized marketing campaigns and increase customer engagement

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