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Sales Pop‑up Conversion Pro

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Sales Pop‑up Conversion Pro is a Shopify app that helps you create urgency, build trust, and increase sales on your store. With features like sales pop-ups, sold counters, countdown timers, and trust badges, you can create a sense of urgency and social proof among your visitors. The app also includes features like quick views, stock countdowns, and announcement bars to reduce friction and persuade visitors to make a purchase. Try Sales Pop‑up Conversion Pro today and boost your sales!

Key Features

  • Boost sales and build trust with sales pop-ups and notifications

  • Create curiosity and increase sales with the sold counter

  • Create urgency and speed up sales with the countdown timer

  • Build trust and social proof with quick views and trust badges

  • Persuade visitors to buy now with stock countdown and announcement bar




Unlimited impression, 24/7 live chat support, sales notifications, countdown timer, sold counter, and all other features



Boosted revenue limits applicable, unlimited impressions, 24/7 live chat support, sales notifications, countdown timer, and sold counter

Tips and Tricks

  • Use sales pop-ups to create urgency and increase conversions

  • Display sold counters to create curiosity and boost sales

  • Utilize countdown timers to create urgency and speed up the sales process

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