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Real ID ‑ Verify Customer IDs

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Real ID ‑ Verify Customer IDs is a Shopify app that allows you to verify your customers' identities to eliminate fraud and ensure age compliance. With this app, you can easily verify customer IDs before or after checkout, saving high-risk orders and protecting your revenue from chargebacks. It offers automated ID checks for age-restricted goods and allows you to tag customer profiles and orders for easy identification. You can also customize the ID check branding and content, control when ID verification is required, and remember repeat customers for hassle-free verification. Additionally, you can send ID checks based on order value and risk level.

Key Features

  • Verify customer identities before or after checkout

  • Save high-risk orders and protect revenue from chargebacks

  • Automated ID checks for age-restricted goods

  • Tag customer profiles and orders for easy identification

  • Customize ID check branding and content

  • Control when ID verification is required

  • Remember repeat customers for hassle-free verification

  • Send ID checks based on order value and risk level


Free Plan


No monthly fee, post-checkout integration, ability to ID check all orders

Plus Plan


Customize ID check branding, theme & content, rules based on order price and risk, automatic age verification

Pro Plan


All features in Lite & Plus plans, automatic ID to order consistency checks, remember repeat customers

Tips and Tricks

  • Customize the ID check branding and content to match your store's theme

  • Set up rules based on order value and risk level to automate the ID check process

  • Use the tagging feature to easily identify customers who have already verified their IDs

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