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Qe Progressive Web App (PWA)

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Qe Progressive Web App (PWA) is a Shopify app that automatically converts your website into a Progressive Web App (PWA), allowing your customers to install your website as an app on their mobile devices. With PWA, you don't need to create a separate native app, saving you time and money. PWA offers faster loading times, smooth performance on mobile devices, and reduces server load. It runs in the browser and functions like a native app when saved to the home screen.

Key Features

  • Automatically converts your website into a Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • Customize app name and icon on Android/iOS

  • No need to pay fees to Google and Apple

  • Fully responsive on all platforms

  • Improves website loading speed

  • Enhances mobile user experience


Monthly Plan


Includes app-manifest configuration, PWA app for Android & iPhone, custom splash screen for iPhone, track events analytics/install summary

Tips and Tricks

  • Customize your app name and icon to match your brand

  • Optimize your website for mobile devices to enhance the PWA experience

  • Regularly update your website content to keep your PWA fresh and engaging

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