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Pasilobus Photolock AntiTheft

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Pasilobus Photolock AntiTheft is an all-in-one security management app for Shopify stores. It provides a customizable security suite to protect photos and content. With features like disabling right-click and keyboard shortcuts, preventing bots, blocking visitors from certain countries or by IP, and adding watermarks to images, Photolock helps ensure the security and integrity of your store's assets. It also offers additional locks and features to enhance the protection of your content.

Key Features

  • Disable right-click, keyboard shortcuts, and prevent bots

  • Block visitors from certain countries or by IP

  • Protect images with watermarks and prevent search engines from listing them

  • Enable age verification to restrict access to content

  • Manage 20+ mouse and keyboard locks

  • Add country restrictions to limit visitors

  • Block social media and search engines

  • Use Watermark to protect your photos

  • Prevent right-click on your images and content

  • Show warnings when clicked on images




Includes essential features like image right-click lock, screen right-click lock, copy & paste lock, and warning messages



Includes all essential features plus watermark, focus lock, printing lock, and no Photolock branding



Includes all advanced features plus country restrictions, source code protection, anti-bot protection, search engine locks, and social media locks

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the Watermark feature to protect your photos from unauthorized use

  • Consider enabling age verification to restrict access to sensitive content

  • Regularly review the lock settings to ensure optimal security for your store

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