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PE (Discount & Price Editor)

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PE (Discount & Price Editor) is a powerful app that simplifies bulk pricing and discount management for Shopify stores. With flexible rules, you can easily apply price adjustments to products and collections. The app allows you to perform percentage or value-based changes, making it easy to set prices according to your business needs. You can also edit both the Price and Compare at price simultaneously, saving you time and effort. The rollback feature allows you to instantly revert any pricing changes if needed. Perfect for non-tech users, PE (Discount & Price Editor) makes it effortless to manage unlimited products and variants, freeing up time for business growth.

Key Features

  • Apply bulk pricing rules to products and collections

  • Easily perform percentage or value-based price adjustments

  • Simultaneously edit Price and Compare at price

  • Instant rollback for reverting pricing changes

  • Manage unlimited products and variants effortlessly




Apply price changes to the first 50 variants, Price History and Rollback



Apply changes to an unlimited number of variants, Price History and Rollback

Tips and Tricks

  • Use flexible pricing rules to create customized discounts for your products and collections.

  • Take advantage of the rollback feature to easily revert any pricing changes if needed.

  • Effortlessly manage unlimited products and variants with the user-friendly interface.

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