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Recommend with Amazon AI

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Recommend with Amazon AI is a powerful Shopify app that helps you turn anonymous shoppers into revenue by providing personalized product recommendations, cross-selling, and upselling. With Growth Bots powered by Amazon AI, you can connect more shoppers with the products they want to buy, increasing your store's revenue. The app uses anonymous visitor actions as buying signals to provide real-time recommendations, and it can be easily installed and set up in just 60 seconds, without any coding required. Visit the demo store to learn more and get inspired.

Key Features

  • AI-driven upsell, cross-sell, and personalization

  • Real-time product recommendations based on visitor behavior

  • Easy installation and setup in just 60 seconds

  • Compatible with the latest Shopify themes

  • Actionable insights for continuous optimization


Free Plan


Includes all basic features and 'Powered by Obviyo'

Starter Plan


Fixed fee for non-Shopify Plus stores, no 'Powered by Obviyo', free onboarding, chat and email support

Starter Plus Plan


Fixed fee for Shopify Plus stores, no 'Powered by Obviyo', free onboarding, chat and email support

Tips and Tricks

  • Use personalized product recommendations to boost conversion rates and increase average order value

  • Continuously optimize your recommendations based on actionable insights from customer behavior

  • Integrate with popular apps like Klaviyo, Yotpo, JudgeMe, Stamped, and Omnisend for enhanced functionality

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