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MR.POINT (顧客にポイント発行・利用が可能なアプリ)

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MR.POINT is a Shopify app that allows you to reward your customers with points and enable them to make discounted purchases using those points. It offers flexible options for setting up point rewards based on different criteria such as specific products or customer membership levels. Additionally, it supports the migration of points from other eCommerce platforms and is compatible with POS systems.

Key Features

  • 顧客にポイントを付与し、ポイントを利用してお得にお買い物ができる

  • ポイント付与の設定が柔軟で、商品別や会員別にポイントを設定できる

  • 他社ECストアからのポイント移行に対応

  • POSシステムにも対応


Free plan


Includes a 10-day free trial and basic features such as customer rank-based point rewards and product-specific point settings.

Standard plan


Includes all features of the Free plan and extends support for up to 500 monthly orders and point migration via import functionality.

Premium plan


Includes all features of the Standard plan and extends support for up to 1000 monthly orders, automatic ranking adjustments, and point expiration notifications.

Enterprise plan


Includes all features of the Premium plan and extends support for up to 2500 monthly orders, point expiration with email notifications, and advanced POS integration.

Tips and Tricks

  • Consider offering special promotions and discounts to customers based on their point balance to encourage repeat purchases.

  • Use the point migration feature to transfer existing points from other eCommerce platforms to MR.POINT, ensuring a seamless transition for your customers.

  • Take advantage of the POS integration to offer point rewards for in-store purchases as well.

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