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MeroxIO View Similar Products

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MeroxIO View Similar Products is a Shopify app that allows customers to easily compare similar products and make informed purchasing decisions. When a customer selects a product on a webpage, the app automatically shows similar product recommendations from various other brands, including the price and a quick Add to Cart button. The app's advanced algorithm ensures that the recommendations are visible on the page featuring similar products. With its multiple use cases like Find Similar Products, You may also buy, Pair it with, and Recommended products, the app can greatly enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Key Features

  • Automatic product recommendations based on selected product

  • Advanced algorithm for finding the best products

  • Manual product selection

  • Multiple use cases: Similar products, Pair it with, You may also buy, etc




Auto Recommendation, Manual Product Selection, 4 Product limit per page

MeroxIO Gold


Auto Recommendation, Manual Product Selection, Add to cart below each product, Up to 15 products, No Powered by link, Custom CSS, Embed button

Tips and Tricks

  • Use high-quality product images to enhance the visual appeal of the recommendations

  • Regularly update and optimize your product catalog for accurate and relevant recommendations

  • Experiment with different placement and styling options to maximize the visibility and impact of the recommendations

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