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Low Stock Alert & Forecasting

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Low Stock Alert & Forecasting is an app that helps you track and manage low stock products in your Shopify store. It provides instant and scheduled alerts for low stock items, allowing you to restock before products run out. With dynamic thresholds based on sales forecasting, you can set maximum stock levels and automatically calculate reorder quantities. The app also offers powerful filtering options and comprehensive sales, forecast, and inventory reports.

Key Features

  • Receive instant and scheduled alerts for low stock products

  • Set maximum stock levels and automatically calculate reorder quantities

  • Dynamic thresholds based on sales forecasting

  • Filter alerts by location, collection, vendor, tag, product, or SKU

  • Sales, forecast, and inventory reports with export functionality


Free Plan


Up to 250 SKU (Variant), 1 scheduled alert, storewide or filtered alerts, CSV & UI reports

Professional Plan


Up to 8,000 SKU, unlimited alerts, location-based stock tracking, unlimited locations and recipients

Enterprise Plan


Up to 100,000 SKU, import thresholds with CSV, set maximum stock level, calculate reorder inventory, Slack notification

Enterprise+ Plan


Up to 100,000 SKU, enterprise plan features, demand forecasting, dynamic thresholds with sales forecast, sales, forecast, and inventory reports

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review your low stock alerts to ensure timely restocking

  • Use the sales, forecast, and inventory reports to identify trends and make informed restocking decisions

  • Take advantage of the dynamic thresholds feature to optimize your inventory levels

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