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Talon ‑ Login to View Price

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Talon ‑ Login to View Price is a Shopify app that allows you to hide product prices and add to cart buttons until the customer logs in. With this app, you can easily set up price and add to cart button removal and configuration. You can selectively hide prices for specific products or collections, or hide all prices. The app also provides a customizable message editor, allowing you to create a personalized message for your customers. Additionally, the app removes prices from metadata to prevent search engines from picking them up. You can also require a customer tag to further control who can see prices on your store.

Key Features

  • Hide all prices and add to cart button until logged in

  • Selectively hide only some products or collections or hide all prices

  • Customize your message - strong customization features with no code required

  • Remove prices from metadata so that search engines do not pick up prices

  • Optional customer tag requirement to further separate who can see prices


All Features


Customized installation Hide prices per product or collection Require customer tag to view prices Remove add to cart button until logged in

Tips and Tricks

  • Customize your price hiding message to match your store's branding and tone

  • Consider using customer tags to create different pricing tiers for different groups of customers

  • Regularly review your price hiding settings to ensure they align with your store's pricing strategy

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