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Kunakify ‑ CD, DVD & Vinyl POD

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Kunakify is a Shopify app that seamlessly integrates with Kunaki.com, a print on demand DVD/CD/Vinyl fulfillment company. It automates the fulfillment process by automatically printing and shipping products to customers. With Kunakify, you can have a hands-off physical e-commerce business, similar to dropshipping, without holding any stock. It eliminates the need for manual data entry into Kunaki when making CD, DVD, or Vinyl sales.

Key Features

  • Automatically fulfill CD, DVD, Blu-ray & Vinyl record sales to Kunaki.com

  • Seamless integration with Kunaki.com for printing and shipping

  • Print on demand - no need to hold any stock

  • Advanced features like batch orders and shipping settings

  • Update shipping info in the Kunakify backend if customer provides wrong details




Up to 25 processed orders per month



Up to 100 processed orders per month



Up to 250 processed orders per month



Unlimited processed orders per month

Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure that your product details are accurate and up to date in your Shopify store to avoid any discrepancies during the fulfillment process.

  • Regularly check the Kunakify backend for any customer shipping information updates or changes to ensure smooth order processing.

  • Take advantage of the advanced features offered by Kunakify, such as batch orders and shipping settings, to streamline your fulfillment workflow.

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