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Kount - Fraud Prevention

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Kount is a fraud prevention solution designed to help Shopify store owners confidently manage fraud, stop chargebacks, and increase profits. With robust data analytics and adaptive AI, Kount analyzes high-risk orders in real-time. It offers automated approval/decline decisions, order refunds, and cancellations. The app allows customization of business policies and risk thresholds to fit individual needs. By reducing false positives, chargebacks, and revenue loss, Kount helps improve the bottom-line profitability of Shopify stores. Additionally, it provides a quick and seamless checkout process, enhancing customer experiences.

Key Features

  • Real-time data analytics and adaptive AI for analyzing high-risk orders

  • Automated approval/decline decisions, order refunds, and cancellations

  • Customizable business policies and risk thresholds

  • Reduction of false positives, chargebacks, and revenue loss

  • Improved customer experiences with a quick and seamless checkout process


Free Plan


Includes no-code integration, 'hands-free' fraud prevention in Shopify, and flat rate pricing of $0.07 per transaction with no cap

Advanced Plan


Includes all capabilities, preferential pricing, dedicated integration and onboarding support, full control, and complete customization capabilities

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review and analyze the data provided by Kount to identify potential fraud patterns and make informed decisions

  • Take advantage of the customizable features to tailor the risk management policies and thresholds to your specific business needs

  • Use the automated approval/decline decisions and order management functionalities to streamline your fraud prevention process

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