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Inventoro forecasting

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Inventoro forecasting is a powerful Shopify app that helps retailers and wholesalers prevent stockouts and optimize their inventory. With automated sales forecasting and AI-driven replenishment recommendations, you can ensure that you never run out of crucial products or buy too much of items that don't sell. The app also offers product segmentation for better inventory management and forecasting for peak seasons. With Inventoro, you can automate your replenishment process, create purchase orders, and manage unlimited warehouses, SKUs, and users.

Key Features

  • Automated sales forecasting

  • AI-driven replenishment recommendations

  • Product segmentation for better inventory management

  • Forecasting for peak seasons

  • Automated replenishment to avoid overstocking and understocking

  • Purchase order creation

  • Unlimited warehouses, SKUs, and users




For companies with annual revenue under $400,000

Growing business


For companies with annual revenue under $4,000,000

Mature business


For companies with annual revenue under $10,000,000



For companies with higher annual revenue than $10,000,000

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review your sales forecasts to stay prepared for peak seasons

  • Take advantage of AI-driven replenishment recommendations to optimize your inventory

  • Use product segmentation to identify your best-selling and worst-selling products

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