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Product & Section Blocker AGeo

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Product & Section Blocker AGeo is a Shopify app that allows you to control your product's global reach. With this app, you can easily block products, variants, and sections by country and state. This feature is essential for e-commerce businesses operating in different regions to comply with legal regulations and protect their legal standing. By blocking products based on geographic location, you can ensure that you are not accidentally selling products in regions where they are not permitted. Additionally, you can block collections and specific URLs for your store in multiple countries. The app also provides the ability to display product warnings when adding the product to the cart and show block messages to visitors in your store design. Furthermore, you can hide or show sections of the store based on the visitor's country.

Key Features

  • Block products, variants, and sections by country and state

  • Comply with different legal regulations

  • Protect legal standing

  • Block collections and specific URLs

  • Display product warnings and block messages

  • Hide/show sections of the store by country


Premium Plan


Block products by country, block collections by country, lock store URL by country, unlimited rules supported, secret link for unlock products

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the block feature to comply with different legal regulations in specific countries or states

  • Display product warnings to inform customers about restrictions

  • Customize block messages to match your store design

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