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Unicorn Geo-Blocker

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Unicorn Geo-Blocker is a Shopify app that helps you prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your store. By blocking countries where your products are not allowed to be sold, you can save time and money on fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, shipping issues, and support hassles. The app uses powerful anti-spoofing technology to ensure that visitors cannot bypass the block. With its instant loading technique, legitimate customers are not left waiting, providing a seamless user experience.

Key Features

  • Prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your store

  • Block countries where your products are not allowed to be sold

  • Protect your store from fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

  • Powerful anti-spoofing technology to prevent circumvention

  • Instant loading technique for a seamless user experience


Basic Plan


Get access to the core features of Unicorn Geo-Blocker with a 5-day free trial

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review and update the list of blocked countries to ensure maximum effectiveness

  • Consider customizing the message displayed to visitors from blocked countries to provide a more personalized experience

  • Monitor the app's analytics to gain insights into blocked attempts and adjust your strategy accordingly

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