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Frequently Bought Together

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Frequently Bought Together is a Shopify app that allows you to increase your sales by offering personalized product recommendations and creating custom product bundles. With its AI-driven algorithm, this app analyzes your customers' purchase history to suggest the most commonly bought products together, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases and boosting your revenue. It also offers different types of bundle discounts and allows you to easily customize the appearance of the recommendations to fit your store's theme. Whether you have a small or large inventory, Frequently Bought Together can handle any number of products, orders, and traffic.

Key Features

  • Boost sales with personalized product recommendations

  • Create custom product bundles to increase order value

  • Offer different types of bundle discounts

  • Easily customize the look and position of recommendations

  • Seamlessly handle any number of products, orders, and traffic




Flat monthly rate with no hidden fees. Includes unlimited number of products, orders, and traffic. Swift and efficient support.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use personalized product recommendations to drive higher conversion rates

  • Create attractive custom product bundles to increase the average order value

  • Experiment with different types of bundle discounts to find what works best for your customers

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