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Fraud Filter

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Fraud Filter is a Shopify app that provides an additional layer of protection to help you fight fraud and avoid chargebacks. With its simple rule-based functionality, you can easily create custom filters to flag or prevent suspicious orders. When an order matches a filter you've created, Fraud Filter will flag it as suspicious to warn you or automatically cancel it for you, depending on your chosen action.

Key Features

  • Create custom filters to flag or prevent suspicious orders

  • Set up warnings or block orders completely

  • Protect against fraud and avoid chargebacks

  • Flag suspicious orders on the order page

  • Prevent certain known customers from placing orders




Basic fraud protection features

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review and update your filters to stay ahead of new fraud tactics

  • Consider using additional fraud prevention measures in conjunction with Fraud Filter for enhanced protection

  • Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your filters to optimize your fraud prevention strategy

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