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Flook: PDF Catalog to Flipbook

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Flook: PDF Catalog to Flipbook is a Shopify app that allows you to convert your standard brochure PDFs into interactive booklets and flipbooks. With Flook, you can enhance your brochures by integrating rich media such as images, videos, and links. You can also embed your brochures on any web page and enable direct purchases from the flipbook. Flook helps boost customer engagement and retention by providing an immersive and interactive shopping experience.

Key Features

  • Convert PDF catalogs into interactive lookbooks and flipbooks

  • Integrate rich media like images, videos, and links

  • Embed brochures on any web page

  • Enable direct purchases from the flipbook

  • Boost customer engagement and retention


Basic Plan


Includes 10 PDFs maximum, 100 pages per PDF maximum, 100 MB per PDF maximum, single and bulk upload PDFs, embeddable on Shopify pages, mobile-friendly

Standard Plan


Includes 50 PDFs maximum, 200 pages per PDF maximum, 500MB per PDF maximum, basic plan features, interactive content (videos, images..), shopping cart integration

Advanced Plan


Includes 50 PDFs maximum, 500 pages per PDF maximum, 500 MB per PDF maximum, all standard plan features, add custom content via HTML, priority support

Tips and Tricks

  • Use high-quality images and videos to make your flipbook more engaging

  • Include links to relevant product pages to drive conversions

  • Regularly update your flipbook with new products and offers to keep customers coming back

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