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Extreme Checkout Customizer

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Extreme Checkout Customizer is a Shopify app that allows merchants to customize their checkout process without any coding. With this app, merchants can easily hide or rename payment and delivery methods based on various conditions. The app simplifies rule management using Shopify functions, making it easy for merchants to create flexible rules with multiple conditions. By customizing the checkout flow, merchants can optimize their store's conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Customize checkout by hiding/renaming payment and delivery methods with multiple conditions

  • Tailor checkout experiences without coding

  • Simplify rule management for customizations using Shopify functions

  • Create flexible rules with multiple conditions for customized checkout

  • Optimize store's checkout flow to enhance conversion rates and customer satisfaction


Free Plan


Enjoy all the basic features of the app at no cost

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the app to create personalized checkout experiences for your customers

  • Experiment with different rule combinations to find the best customization options for your store

  • Regularly analyze your checkout flow and make adjustments based on customer feedback and behavior

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