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Exportify is a Shopify app that allows you to customize the format of your order data exports. It saves you time by formatting the data into the file format you need outside of your store admin. With Exportify, you can export orders individually or in batches, and it can read and extract any customization fields from your orders. This app is perfect for businesses that need to export order data in specific file formats for accounting, product customization, or order management purposes.

Key Features

  • Customize order data export format

  • Export orders individually or in batches

  • Read and extract customization fields from orders

  • Export any field in the Order API

  • Increased productivity from not having to reformat spreadsheets




Includes 1 custom export file configuration, line item properties and cart attributes, calculated fields, constants, and support



Includes all Standard Plan features, plus 1 daily automatic scheduled export via email

Tips and Tricks

  • Customize the export format to match your specific needs

  • Use batch export to save time when exporting multiple orders

  • Take advantage of the ability to extract customization fields from orders

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