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Borzo Delivery ‑ Mexico

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Borzo Delivery ‑ Mexico is an app that provides express delivery services in Mexico City and the metropolitan area, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. With Borzo Delivery, you can add a new delivery method to your shopping cart, receive delivery date and time preferences from your customers, and automatically calculate the delivery cost based on distance, delivery time, and weight. The app also allows you to set the time for urgent orders and book a courier through the Borzo app.

Key Features

  • Add a new delivery method to the shopping cart

  • Receive the delivery date and time that is convenient for your customers

  • Automatically calculate the delivery cost for each customer based on the distance, delivery time and weight of the item

  • Set the time for urgent orders in your store

  • Book a courier at Borzo app


Free Plan


Delivery rates are based on the distance between pick-up and delivery points

Tips and Tricks

  • Offering express delivery options can help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

  • Make sure to regularly update your delivery rates based on the latest information provided by Borzo Delivery

  • Communicate with your customers about their preferred delivery date and time to ensure a smooth delivery process

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