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Easyban ‑ Country Blocker

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Easyban ‑ Country Blocker is an all-in-one app designed to enhance the security and performance of your online store. It allows you to block unwanted visitors by email, phone, name, country, city, and IP. With features like bot filtering, web content protection, and geolocation redirects, Easyban protects your store from unwanted traffic and malicious activity. It also offers automated order management to save time and prevent fraudulent transactions. Easyban is a must-have tool for merchants looking to protect their store and improve customer experience.

Key Features

  • Block unwanted visitors from accessing your store

  • Block visitors from specific countries, states, and cities

  • Block visitors from specific IP addresses and IP ranges

  • Detect and block traffic from bots, crawlers, Tor, VPN, and proxies

  • Protect web content from unauthorized access

  • Redirect visitors based on their geolocation

  • Automated order management to prevent fraudulent transactions

  • Detailed visitor log analysis with complete information and actions




Country blocker (up to 1), single IP blocker, blacklist: auto cancel orders, fraud prevent: auto process high-risk orders, 20 visit logs



Block visitors by email, name, phone, country blocker, IP blocker, area/IP whitelist, proxy & VPN blocker, content protect, geo redirect, visit log


Free to install, $0.20 per 100 page views after the first 500 page views, up to a maximum of $4 per month

For growing stores - pay per every 100 page views, same features as in the Premium Plan

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review your visitor logs to identify potential threats

  • Use geolocation redirects to provide a personalized experience for visitors from different regions

  • Consider blocking specific IP addresses or IP ranges to prevent access from known sources of malicious activity

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