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Format My Fuzzy CSV

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Format My Fuzzy CSV is a Shopify app that helps you easily convert wholesaler CSV files into a bulk importable format for your store. It allows you to select column headings and map them into the appropriate Shopify columns, while also sanitizing any bad data included in the CSV files. The app works well with up to approximately 50 thousand products and offers a free plan that allows you to convert thousands of products. With different formatting options available and a commitment to user requests and feature additions, Format My Fuzzy CSV is a valuable tool for efficiently importing and formatting CSV files for your Shopify store.

Key Features

  • Convert wholesaler CSV's into bulk importable format

  • Select column headings and map into appropriate Shopify columns

  • Sanitize bad data included in wholesaler CSV's

  • Works well up to ~50 thousand products

  • Free plan allows conversion of thousands of products

  • Different formatting options available

  • Always open to user requests and new features always added


Formatter Free


Most column mapping features, up to 50k lines for format conversion, one mapping save slot, format file to add products

Formatter Pro


Additional mapping features, up to 50k lines for format conversion, more mapping save slots, add or update products, multiple locations support

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to carefully map your column headings to the appropriate Shopify columns to ensure accurate import and formatting

  • Take advantage of the different formatting options available to customize the import process to your specific needs

  • If you have a large number of products, consider dividing your input files to ensure optimal performance

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