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Multi Country Pricing

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Multi Country Pricing is a Shopify app that allows you to set country-specific prices for your products. With this app, you can target different countries or market customers by configuring different prices and in different currencies. The app includes an inbuilt currency converter that displays prices in local currencies automatically. You can also include shipping costs and country-specific taxes in the final product prices, providing a seamless shopping experience for your international customers. Location-based pricing increases sales and profit.

Key Features

  • Set country-specific prices for your products

  • Automatic currency conversion based on customer's country

  • Simple dashboard to set product prices

  • Upload product prices using a CSV file

  • Enable rounding rules and show clean prices to international customers


Multi Pricing


Sell your products at different prices in different countries, configure your currencies, Shopify Payments supported, currency rounding rules

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the app to set different prices for your products in different countries to increase sales and profit

  • Take advantage of the automatic currency conversion feature to display prices in local currencies for your international customers

  • Utilize the simple dashboard and CSV file upload feature to easily manage and update your product prices

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