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Click & Drop from Royal Mail is a quick and easy solution to choose, buy, and print your postage online. Print and pay for your postage with just a few clicks. Whether you are posting one product or a hundred, Click & Drop allows you to print all of your labels in a single batch and instantly select and pay for the right postage options for you. Easily pull orders from your Shopify store, as well as your eBay, Amazon, and other ecommerce platforms into Click & Drop to help you keep track of every sale and shipment you make and help you to get your packages out of the door in no time.

Key Features

  • Print and pay for postage with just a few clicks

  • Easily import orders from Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and other platforms

  • Manage, process, and mark Shopify orders as dispatched

  • Set up trading and return addresses

  • Access discounted postage for bulk orders (OnlineBusinessAccount customers only)

  • Create shipping rules to apply postage instantly

  • Produce dispatch notes, customs declaration forms, and dispatched orders reports


Free Plan


Free to install. Additional charges may apply for purchasing shipping labels imported into Click & Drop using this app.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Click & Drop to streamline your postage process and save time

  • Take advantage of the discounted postage for bulk orders

  • Customize shipping rules to automatically apply the right postage options

  • Generate dispatch notes, customs declaration forms, and reports for easy record-keeping

  • Integrate Click & Drop with your Shopify store and other ecommerce platforms for seamless order management

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