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Category Breadcrumbs

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Category Breadcrumbs is a Shopify app that enhances your store's navigation by displaying a complete breadcrumb on collection and product pages. It helps your customers easily understand the category hierarchy of your store, making it easier for them to navigate and find products. The app also adds JSON-LD to your store, improving search engine visibility and helping your products get discovered.

Key Features

  • Displays complete breadcrumb on collection and product pages

  • Helps customers navigate and understand the category hierarchy of your store

  • Adds JSON-LD for improved search engine visibility

  • Compatible with latest Shopify themes

  • Easy drag-and-drop installation for 2.0 themes




Access to all key features of Category Breadcrumbs

Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure you have well-categorized products in your store to maximize the benefits of Category Breadcrumbs

  • Regularly update and refresh your category tree in the Shopify Theme Editor to keep your breadcrumb navigation accurate

  • Use descriptive and keyword-rich category names to improve search engine optimization

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