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BM: Country blocker IP blocker

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BM: Country blocker IP blocker is a powerful prevention app that stops unwanted visitors from accessing your store. With this app, you can block unwanted customers from visiting your store before they place an order. It offers features like country/state/city and IP blocking, blocking bots and visitors using proxy or VPN, detailed visitor logs analysis, content protection, geolocation redirect, and more. Protect your store from unwanted visitors and enhance your store's security with BM: Country blocker IP blocker.

Key Features

  • Block unwanted visitors by email/name/phone

  • Block/allow visitors from specific countries/states/cities

  • Block visitors from specific IPs or IP Ranges

  • Block bots and visitors who use Tor Browser, a proxy or VPN connection

  • Disable Right Clicks, Keyboard shortcuts, mouse drag & image copying

  • Geolocation Redirect

  • Detailed visitor logs analysis

  • Auto cancel orders placed by visitors, auto refund, and re-stock

  • Content Protection, disable right click & copy paste, protect image




Block visitors by email/name/phone, country/IP blocker, country/IP whitelist, bot/Proxy/VPN blocker, protect content, geolocation redirect, visit log


Free to install

For expanding shops - pay for each 100 page views. Enjoy features identical to the Premium Plan

Tips and Tricks

  • Regularly review your visitor logs analysis to identify any suspicious activity

  • Use the geolocation redirect feature to provide a personalized experience for visitors from different locations

  • Enable content protection to prevent unauthorized copying of your store's images and content

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